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'Lest We Forget'

The events of World War 1 while they may have helped to shape the nation of Australia; also affected many families (some tragically) and every community, no matter how small. In every locality and community in Australia there is a memorial with the names inscribed of those who served their country in WW1. The servicemen and women have long ago passed on but they are remembered each Anzac Day. Or are they? How many of the names mean anything to anyone reading them? Have they been forgotten already by those communities and have they become 'just a name on a wall'?

Remembrance This website enables the saying “Lest we forget”to be put into practical action. It is possible to reconstruct part of the life of an individual soldier from your local area that served his country in the Great War. This can be done through online primary and secondary sources. After the War parents, wives and family had almost no understanding of what had happened to the soldiers and what they experienced. If they had died they had no opportunity to grieve properly and for closure as they had no body or grave to visit. Many soldiers had changed dramatically and the families did not understand why. These days many soldiers would not have family or descendents to remember them. Reconstructing the life of an individual will enable them to briefly ‘live again’ and be remembered.

Students and teachers wanting to use this site as a class task or assessment task should start by going to the Task Page and download the scaffold . The scaffold can be saved and used to order the information that is found when working through the Research Page. The Memorial Page displays the names listed on the Coonabarabran Memorial Clock Tower.

E Company 1st Battalion 1st Brigade 1st Division Jan 1915 in preparation for Gallipoli

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